In our restaurant you get a typical German cuisine.

Our menu:

Wedding soup3,90 €
Onion soup baked with cheese4,50 €
Tomato soup4,50 €
Tzatziki with a bread basket3,90 €
„Frankfurter Grüne Soße“
with boiled egg and herb sour cream on potato rösti
5,90 €
Small mixed salad
with marinated salads
3,20 €
Small green salad
Leaf salads with vinegar and oil dressing
3,20 €
Heilemann’s salad kit
Base: seasonal salads,tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and corn
7,90 €
+ chicken breast strips+ 3,00 €
+ salmon cubes+ 7,00 €
+ fried mushrooms+ 2,50 €
You can choose from the following dressings:
● our “house dressing” (vinegar and oil with mustard note)
● Joghurtdressing
Baked potatoes
Baked potato with potato cream+ 3,90 €
with turkey strips and mushrooms+ 3,00 €
with peppers, mushrooms and onions+ 4,00 €
Pork cutlet
Pork cutlet6,90 €
with mushroom cream sauce+ 2,50 €
with paprika sauce+ 2,50 €
with pepper cream sauce+ 2,50 €
with roasted onions+ 2,50 €
fried mushrooms, bacon and onion cubes
9,90 €
with mushrooms and hollandaise sauce
9,90 €
with asparagus and hollandaise
9,70 €
„Bearner Schnitzel“
Pork cutlet baked with ham, cheese and sauce Bearnaise
10,90 €
Rustic food
without sauce8,00 €
with BBQ sauce8,50 €
2 slices of meat loaf with fried potatoes and a fried egg
8,90 €
„Locker Max“
Fried potatoes with two fried eggs and a pickle
5,90 €
Sausage from the “buntem Bentheimer Landschwein” (local pork breed)3,50 €
Warm Camembert slices on potato pancakes with peach halves and cranberries
7,90 €
Vegetable donuts
two breaded vegetable rings with potato cream and potato croquettes
7,00 €
Chickpea plate
Chickpeas with seasonal vegetables7,50 €
+ chicken breast strips3,00 €
Fillet dishes
Grill plate
Medallions of pork, beef and turkey on fried potatoes with tzatziki
12,50 €
Gentlemen’s plate
Three pork fillets with fried onions and Bearnaise sauce
9,50 €
Ladies plate
Two pork fillets topped with asparagus and hollandaise sauce
8,50 €
„Grafschafter Fietsen-Teller“
Two pork fillets topped with mushrooms and strips of camembert cheese
9,50 €
California dream
Two pork fillets with peach halves and hollandaise sauce
8,50 €
Fruity chicken
A chicken breast fillet topped with peach and cheese
6,90 €
with herb butter
14,00 €
Rump steak with pepper sauce
15,50 €
Onion rump steak
with roasted onions
16,00 €
steamed salmon fillet
with tomato sauce9,20 €
with sauce Bearnaise9,20 €
Fried pike perch fillet
with onion,bacon & fresh mushrooms11,90 €
with mixed vegetables & hollandaise11,90 €
Surprise plate for 2 or more people
Pork fillets and beef steaks, vegetables, fried potatoes, croquettes, mixed salads and a sauce
p. per.
15,90 €
Cutlet plate for 6 or more people
Pork cutlets and chicken breast fillets with fried potatoes, croquettes, two sauces and salad platter
p. per.
13,50 €
+ vegetables+ 1,00 €
Children & young at heart
from Bentheimer Landschwein (local pork breed )
3,50 €
Pirate plate
Small pork cutlet with fries
5,90 €
Dwarf plate
6 Chickencrossies with fries
5,90 €
Witch plate
Potato pancakes with mashed apples
4,50 €
Robber plate
Empty plate with cutlery to rob with the others at the table
0,00 €
„Bentheimer Manta-Platte“
Sausage from “Bentheimer Landschwein” (local pork breed) with curry ketchup and french fries
6,50 €
Side dishes
Fried potatoes with bacon cubes3,20 €
French fries3,20 €
Boiled potatoes2,90 €
Baked potato with potato cream3,90 €
Small mixed salad3,20 €
Small green salad of various leaf lettuces with vinegar and oil dressing3,20 €
Mixed vegetables with hollandaise sauce (broccoli, carrots and cauliflower)3,20 €
Potato croquettes2,90 €
mashed apples2,90 €